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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cafe Snapshot: Marche Cafe

I love visiting the 5th Street Public market, I have many fond food & coffee memories from the market over the years.The upstairs cafe & seating area still has that comfortable old-world feel with its dark wood, green painted window frames and brick facade. And though the once popular Coffee Corner kiosk that stood in the center of the room is long gone, you can still find a great  cup of coffee at the market's Marche Cafe, the precursor to local restaurateur Stephanie Pearl Kimmel's Marche Restaurant located on the markets lower level. I met one of the cafe's friendly Baristas; Heather who told me that they served Wandering Goat Coffee, a switch from the Full City Coffee they served when the cafe opened in the late 90's. Heather offered a sample of freshed brewed [Wandering Goat] coffee to me which had a good flavor, I liked it. Ultimately I went with a latte and I wasn't disappointed there either. Served in a pre-warmed ceramic cup & saucer, my latte was delicious and was presented beautifully with Heather's free-pour latte artwork to top it off. I sat down with my laptop and latte and enjoyed some people (and train) watching from the window seating along the markets north wall. I enjoyed my visit to the market and to Marche Cafe. I'ts always nice to find a friendly Barista that will take the time to tell you about their coffee and take care to craft a quality espresso drink.

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Upstairs at the 5th St. Public Market.

Marche Cafe
5th St. Public Market

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