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Friday, October 9, 2009

Coffee Snapshot: Dillanos' "Organic Chelba Ethiopia"

While I was at Coffee Fest Seattle last month, the friendly people at Dillanos Coffee Roasters gave me a bag of whole-bean "Organic Chelba Ethiopia", single varietal coffee from their One Harvest project to take home with me. The first things I noticed about this coffee were, that the beans were a lighter roast than I'm used to and the burst of sweet fruity aroma that wafted from the bag as soon as I opened it up. I don't use the word "wafted" lightly, as a matter of fact, I may have never used "wafted" before. But if ever there was an aroma that wafted, the fruity aroma of this Chelba wafted! The cup of Chelba that I just brewed tastes great and to my coffee drinking delight I can detect winy, fruity notes along with hints of nuttiness and cocoa. In other words, it's a delicious cup of coffee. This cup of Chelba is noticeably smooth, flavorful and satisfying. This is a coffee I'll really miss when I run out and I recommend it! If you enjoy trying delicious new coffee's, you can order this and other One Harvest Project coffee's from Dillanos Coffee Roasters by visiting www.dillanos.com and clicking on the "Get your home brew" icon in the upper right of the page.
(If you are a coffee roaster or distributor and would like your coffee reviewed here free in For Love Of Coffee, contact me, Cash Reynolds at forloveofcoffee@gmail.com)

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