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Monday, October 12, 2009

Cafe Snapshot: Gary's Coffee

Gary's Coffee

Owner Brenda Scott Cervantes behind the bar.

There's a story behind Gary's Coffee, a shop on High Street in Eugene's historic [5th St.] market district. And when Barista and owner- Brenda Scott Cervantes told it, I understood what a special place Gary's is. Over and above having great coffee, (Stumptown) Gary's is about people. And their slogan; "Where friends meet friends", Aptly expresses the heart and soul of Gary's Coffee. I was greeted by Brenda as soon as I walked into the shop which made a great first impression upon me. I don't know about you but being greeted, seeing a smile or being acknowledged, in any way, makes me feel welcome and appreciated as a customer. The interior is pretty unique, with a high ceiling which allows a tree to live and grow in the shop's lobby/seating area. Lots of windows and plenty of tables and seating make it feel comfortable and spacious. The walls featured the work of a local photographer and a chalkboard sign encouraged guests to form groups or clubs and to use Gary's as a meeting place to connect and interact with others. I't was a pleasure talking with Brenda and she made a mean latte too, latte art and all! I've never had Stumptown Coffee Roasters coffee, which a handful of my friends rave about. And when I asked about the coffee, Brenda handed me a printed card with all of the coffee's vital statistics on it. Very cool. Indoor and outdoor seating, a couch, cushioned chairs, plenty of outlets and free wifi are just a few of the amenities that make Gary's a great place to have coffee, meet with friends.. and make new ones.

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Gary's Coffee
525 High St
Eugene, OR 97401-2711
(541) 868-1608

1 comment:

  1. I'm a great fan of Gary's Coffee.
    The coffee is both culinary and visual art.
    The atmosphere created by the decor and people is most inspiring and healing to me.
    The gestalt of it all gives me hope and courage so I leave a better man than when I came in.



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