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Friday, November 20, 2009

With Coffee: Visit to Metropol

Metropol Bakery on Willamette street.

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I used to have a routine when I would visit the 5th St market; order my lamb shawerma plate from Casablanca downstairs. And then I'd turn around behind me and get a french hard-roll from Metropol Bakery which I would use for dipping and eating my lamb, hummus and baba ganoush, instead of the pita flat bread that came with the meal. Perfection! I still love Metropol's french hard roll and was recently thinking how wonderful it would be to have one with my morning coffee. So I made the trek from my home in the Barger/Bethel area to Metropol Bakery's retail shop on south Willamette street. Metropol has done a great job taking a strip-mall storefront and making it into something special. textured greek columns stand to each side of the all glass shop-front and inside: a warm, cozy and beautifully designed & decorated cafe-style bakery. I got my cup of locally roasted Cafeto coffee and, of course, a french hard roll from the friendly ladies behind the counter. There were newspapers provided for reading but I never got that far. Between the photographs and art displayed on the walls, the pastry display case (conveniently located directly behind my seat), the breads displayed in baskets along the bakery wall and the view of all the action out on Willamette street, I had finished my coffee before getting to any reading.
I had a pleasant visit. The coffee was good and the french hard roll was soft and delicious as always! It was tough getting out of there without any of the eclairs, tarts, torts or cake that kept calling to me from the pastry case but I did take an extra french roll home. I noticed that Metropol has a great selection of Thanksgiving offerings including; Pumpkin Hazelnut Torte, Creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake and Cranberry Topped Vanilla Cheesecake! I won't give away everything though, you'll have stop in and check out for yourself all their seasonal specials. Have a cup of coffee and a roll at the shop or take home some bread and a dessert to enjoy with whatever coffee you're brewing at home.  c[_]

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