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Monday, February 8, 2010

Coffee Corner: Coffee Fueled Creativity!

Over the centuries coffee has fueled countless a creative mind,
 inspired artistic expression and greased the gears of invention.
Here are a couple of the artsy projects I've undertaken recently, 
both borne out of my enjoyment of the world of coffee.

When communicating through my keyboard I often use
an emoticon such as this smiley face :_)
Since so much of my focus is on coffee these days
I guess it was just a matter of time that I came up with the
 coffee equivalent of an emoticon. A coffee cup of course!
There are a number of coffee cup emoticons you can check
 out by scrolling down the left and right hand columns of
 this page.  

I decided to take my coffee cup emoticon idea to its
 logical conclusion and set out to design a business logo
from the idea. Below is the finished product.   

I set out to see if I could make a cool looking logo
 from a coffee stain left by a coffee mug. 
Below is a slide showing how I went about creating
 the coffee stain. This is the finished product. 
I took this photo using a makeshift camera lighting studio
  I threw together at home and then put the finishing touches
 on it using photobucket.com's awesome photo editor!

Have any coffee inspired or coffee related art or ideas? Consider sharing them with others on either of these social media sites; look for the group "Coffee and the Arts" at baristaexchange.com and the group; "Eugene, Worlds Greates City of Coffee and Espresso" at facebook.com 

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