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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cafe Snapshot: One Cup Cafe

One Cup cafe

One Cup cafe sits at the edge of the Whiteaker neighborhood's Blair historic commercial district. The former site of The Hub cafe, One Cup remains a hub of social activity for neighboring residents, business people and area commuters who love good coffee. Uniquely "Eugene", One Cup's offerings are as diverse as its clientèle. From coffee and food, internet and artwork to evening yoga classes and special events featuring sushi chef's and professional waffle makers!
As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by Gloria and Okon Udosenata, the husband and wife team that own and operate One Cup. I started with a cup of house coffee which, to my delight, was rich and satisfying. Before I had a chance to sit down I was invited by another patron to play a game of chess, which I accepted. The coffee, the atmosphere and the people make it easy to relax by one's self as well as interact and connect with other people.
Okon, One Cup's owner and master Barista took care in preparing my latte, displaying his craft and producing a delicious work of art!

I like the fun colors used on both the exterior and interior of the cafe. The first thing I notice walking in is the wide couch and coffee table which seem to set the tone for a comfortable and relaxed visit. The walls feature work by local artists and a community bulletin board hangs above the Mac desktop computer provided for customers to access the internet free of charge. And yes, free wifi is provided for those of us toting our laptops. And to top it all off, One Cup has a great collection of Jazz, Blues and other favorites on vinyl and a turntable in the customer seating are where guests are encouraged to play whatever they're in the mood to listen to. There's even an area in the back yard that's smoker friendly. I enjoy my visits to One Cup. And the coffee, roasted locally by Equator Coffee, is delicious. Check it out for yourself!

Okon Udosenata

Pulling a beautiful shot of espresso.

Free-pour latte art

This latte tasted as good as it looks.

The bar at One Cup cafe.

298 Blair Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97455
(541) 683-5046

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