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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coffee Snapshot: Caffe Pacori's Wood Roasted Organic Sumatra

Barbecued coffee!? Well, maybe not exactly, but the idea of wood roasted coffee just sounds so good. A quick keyword search led me to the wbsite of local coffee roaster Caffe Pacori. I live close to the roaster so I gave them a call to see if I could swing by and buy a pound of coffee for brewing my morning coffee at home but got an answering machine. Luckily for me the website has a list of cafe's & groceries that sell Caffe Pacori in town. I found a pound of Pacori's wood roasted Organic Sumatra, whole bean, in a vacuum sealed bag at the Kiva natural food store downtown. I enjoyed the wood roasted Sumatra from the first cup but I didn't really find distinguishing characteristics in the coffee like I had imagined I would. Now, I admit that I don't have the most well-trained or sophisticated palate and I just knew there were some wonderful things to discover in my cup of Sumatra. So I went with my first instinct and brewed my next cup a little stronger. And viola! Now I had a cup of coffee.
I really liked this rich, earthy cup of coffee. A hint of smokiness and smooth, Caffe Pacori's wood roasted Sumatra was great tasting and very satisfying. I couldn't help but think how well this Sumatra would pair with a good cigar with a little sweet or spicy characteristics to it or any fine dessert. (a chocolate raspberry tort from Sweet Life maybe?) I was sad to see my Pacori coffee bag empty at the end of the week but I discovered a great new coffee to enjoy, one that I recommend to any of my fellow coffee lovers that haven't tried it yet. For your convenience, you can order Caffe Pacori coffee's online at www.caffepacori.com. c[_]

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