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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brewing at Home: Room Mates, Tip Jars and Fun With Filters...

If you haven't noticed yet, I like to have fun with life and that includes coffee of course. I was brewing my morning cup the other day and noticed a glass flower vase in the kitchen and not being able to help myself, I took a 3x5 note card and wrote "TIP JAR" and "Thanks-A-Latte" on it in big letters and taped it to the jar leaving it for my three room mates to see as they came in for coffee. They all got a chuckle out of it... but then something cool happened. The next day I found money in it! It just turned into the household coffee fund. All four of us chip in and I go out and pick a new coffee to bring home and try. Simple, fun and it works!
The other cool coffee related bit from my kitchen that I wanted to share with you was something a room mate did for our pocketbooks and the environment with coffee filters! Lynn is a Food & Bev. Supervisor at an area hotel and when she came home from work a couple days ago she had a good size stack of huge, commercial size coffee brew filters. They were from the hotel restaurant and were the wrong size for the brewer. They were slated to be thrown out when she came up with a great idea! Lynn brought them home, sized one up to our small single-cup brew cones and using it as a pattern, cut them down to size for us to use at home! Awesome. She saved us $5, a trip to the store and some unnecessary paper waste. Good job Lynn! [_]o

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